Quality lubricants for the mining industry

Extreme loads and long hours will take their toll on heavy-duty mining equipment like bulldozers, excavators, loaders and haul trucks—and environmental regulations only increase the challenges.

Oil & Energy crafts specially-designed solutions using premium lubrication products to mitigate those conditions. Whether you’re dealing with potential engine wear, corrosion or oxidation, we’ve seen it all before and we know exactly how to protect your equipment against it.

With the often-high production volumes you experience, it’s important that your machinery is lubricated with high-quality lubricants and properly maintained for continued use and efficiency. Oil & Energy can design mining-based solutions to increase the service life of your machinery and cut down on corporate outlay for repairs.

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Caterpillar TO-4

Phillips 66 PowerDrive Fluid is the next-generation result of more than two decades of tests and improvements. Intentionally developed to meet the extreme demands of mining and heavy construction, it’s formulated with a remarkable additive that lets you haul bigger loads with less wear on pumps and gears—even when your equipment runs hotter, faster and longer under the heaviest loads and toughest conditions.

Test Results


PowerDrive Fluid is intentionally formulated to provide superior protection against copper corrosion or friction without compromises.


  • Improves load-carrying capacity
  • Protects final drive gear sets against heavy loading to extend gear life
  • Reduces downtime due to unscheduled gear replacement
ep protection 1


Formulated for smoother engagement of the clutch disc and drive plate,
PowerDrive Fluid minimizes slippage to protect against the high temperatures that can warp discs and lead to clutch failure.


  • Allows precise clutch engagement over a wide temperature range (40ºC–140ºC)
  • Provides smooth, shudder-free wet brake action
  • Improves power transmission shifting for smoother operation
friction performance graph 1


Sludge is formed by oxidation, increasing viscosity and producing the heat that accelerates further oxidation. This significantly decreases oil life.  When you control oxidation, you control the rate at which sludge is produced.


  • Fights oxidation and limits viscosity increases
  • Keeps hydraulic systems clean and operating at peak efficiency
  • Protects valves from varnish and deposits
oxidation control 1 1

Caterpillar FD-1

Phillips 66 PowerDrive 6000 is a high-performance, cost-effective lubricant specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of Caterpillar FD-1 specifications to protect gears and bearings in the differentials of off-road equipment. It delivers significant improvements in wear control and oxidation stability when compared to conventional TO-4 fluids, so you can extend drain intervals under normal operating conditions to reduce downtime without compromising performance or protection.

Features & Benefits

High Performance at Low Cost
Delivers improved performance and maximum protection for gears and bearings at a fraction of the cost of full synthetic options.

Reduced Foam
Leads to lower wear rates in high-pressure contact zones.

Superior Protection
Provides optimal wear protection
under tough high-torque, low-speed operating conditions.

Cleaner Gearboxes
Active additive system cleans
gearboxes upon initial fill and helps sustain a cleaner environment over the long-term.

Oxidation Stability
Delivers excellent stability to reduce deposits and minimize viscosity thickening throughout the drain cycle.

Extended Gear Life
Proven protection against pitting,
wearing and scuffing.


PowerDrive 6000 is a multifunctional fluid for use in mining, quarrying, construction and forestry equipment.

Applications include:

  • Direct replacement for Caterpillar FDAO
  • Axles
  • Heavily loaded final drives
  • Differentials

We don’t recommend using PowerDrive 6000 in final drives that contain friction materials—or in wet brakes, engines, transmissions or hydraulic systems.

Phillips 66 PowerDrive6000.fw 2

Caterpillar FD-1

A full synthetic, high-performance lubricant, Phillips 66 Syncon Final Drive ISO 320 (SAE 60/70) is specifically formulated to meet or exceed the performance requirements of the Caterpillar FD-1 specification. Its advanced additive technology provides improved gear and bearing life in the final drives and axles (FDAO) of Caterpillar off-highway equipment. Syncon Final Drive protects against rust and corrosion, scuffing, pitting and wear plus its unique base oil combination provides a lower friction coefficient for better performance in the most adverse conditions.

Features & Benefits

Longer fluid life 1
Improved Friction Performance 1


Recommended for use in certain highly loaded Caterpillar final drives and axles that don’t contain friction materials. Because of its very high viscosity index, it’s also recommended where SAE 60 is specified, and can be used as a direct replacement for Caterpillar Final Drive Axle Oil (FDAO) fill fluid.

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