Impenetrable engine protection since 1881.

Kendall is the 135-year-old refiner that spawned the famous 2,000-mile oil. It has a long and rich history of motor oil innovation, from anti-foam additive chemistry in WWII to their exclusive Liquid Titanium protection additive in 2008. The Kendall brand is highly regarded in the general automotive and heavy-duty engine oil segments.

Today, Kendall provides a range of specially-engineered motor oil products for ‘the people who don’t cut corners, who take care of the details, and who know that with engines, like life, you get out what you put in.’

Kendall Motor Oils are efficient, reliable and borne from robust technical expertise. They mean long-term savings and minimal downtime, quality lubrication and seriously minimised engine wear. Oil & Energy is proud to stock Kendall.

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Product line

Full Synthetic

Recommended for:

  • European cars under all operating conditions
  • Other vehicles operating at extreme temperatures
  • Severe driving conditions e.g. towing or heavy loads
  • Many gasoline or light-duty diesel engines

GT-1 Euro + Motor Oil

GT-1 Euro Motor Oil

GT-1 Dexo1 Full Synthetic Motor Oil Gen 2

GT-1 Max Motor Oil With Liquid Titanium

Synthetic Blend

Recommended for:

  • Turbocharged direct-injection
  • Conventional gasoline-fuelled and flex-fuelled passenger cars
  • Light trucks operating under all conditions

GT-1 High Performance Motor Oil With Liquid Titanium

GT-1 Endurance Motor Oil With Liquid Titanium


Recommended for:

  • Drag racing vehicles
  • High-performance street engines and competition engines
  • Turbocharged gasoline direct-injection
  • Conventional gasoline-fuelled passenger cars
  • Light trucks that don’t require ILSAC GF-5

GT-1 Motor Oil With Liquid Titanium
GT-1 Competition Motor Oil Nitro 70
GT-1 Competition Motor Oil With Liquid Titanium

Small Engine

Recommended for:

  • 4-stroke motorcycles, scooters and ATVs
  • Water-cooled and most air-cooled 2-stroke cycle engines
  • Lawnmowers, weed trimmers, leaf blowers

4T Mineral MA

4T Semi-Synthetic MA

4T Synthetic MA

4T Semi-Synthetic MB

Marine 2-Cycle Motor Oil

Air Cooled 2-Cycle Motor Oil


Recommended for:

  • Mixed fleets with diesel and gasoline engines
  • On-highway diesel trucks
  • Low-emission engines
  • Earthmoving and mining equipment

Automatic Transmission Fluid

Recommended for:

  • Domestic and import vehicles no longer under warranty
  • Passenger car and light truck automatic transmissions
  • Passenger cars with belt-driven continuously variable transmissions

Classic ATF®

VersaTrans® LV ATF


VersaTrans® ATF

CVT Fluid

Conventional Auto

Recommended for:

  • Passenger car and truck axles with hypoid gear sets
  • Various axles under a multitude of conditions

NS-MP Hypoid Gear Lubricant

Limited-Slip Axle Additive Concentrate

Special Limited-Slip Gear Lubricant


Synthetic Auto

Recommended for:

  • Service fill of conventional differentials in passenger cars and trucks

Super Three Star®

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