Top-tier oil & lubricants for motoring and industrial applications

PETRONAS Lubricants International is an arm of the Malaysian national oil corporation PETRONAS. The relatively new addition to the PETRONAS family tree crafts and stocks a full range of top-tier automotive and industrial lubricant products.

PETRONAS Lubricants International has rapidly climbed the ranks to join the top 10 global established lubricant brands stocked by Oil & Energy – alongside giant Shell Lubricants.

You’ll find a curated collection of PETRONAS lubricants with Oil & Energy designed for passenger cars, motorcycles, trucks and heavy-duty machinery. You’ll also find some industrial lubricants designed specifically for the cement, power generation, pulp & paper, railroad, steel, sugar and mining industries.

Shop the PETRONAS Lubricants International range with Oil & Energy below, or reach out to us for enquiries here.

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Contact Australia’s preferred PETRONAS dealers for a full range of products. To speak directly to a brand-specific professional, give us a call on 1800 015 580.

Product line

  • Urania 3000 LS 15W40
  • Syntium 7000 E 0W30
  • Syntium 5000 AV 5W30
  • Syntium 5000 XS 5W30
  • Syntium 5000 RN 5W30
  • Syntium 5000 DM 5W30
  • Syntium 5000 E 5W40
  • Syntium 3000 E 5W30
  • Syntium 3000 FR 5W30
  • Syntium 800 10W40
  • Syntium 800 5W30
  • Hydraulic Oil 46 & 68
  • Hydrocer 46 & 68

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