Transport Industry

We know what’s important to you. Our heavy duty engine lubricants can help you optimize drain intervals, minimize unplanned downtime

Automotive Industry

Bumper-to-bumper traffic and extreme-weather driving can take a toll on your vehicle’s engine—whether you’re driving a family car, hard-working truck,

Mining Industry

Extreme loads and long hours take their toll on heavy duty mining equipment like bulldozers, excavators, loaders and haul trucks—and

Industrial Lubricants

Our industrial lubricants provide a solution to a wide range of lubrication demands in a variety of industry applications, including

Agricultural Industry

Our quality lubricants offer a broad spectrum of high-performance engine oils, hydraulic tractor fluids, gear oils and greases to cover

Construction Industry

Turn to Oil & Energy today for all your construction lubricants needs. Protect your investment in heavy-duty equipment with lubricants

Natural Gas Industry

When it comes to quality, our first-rate industrial line of products is specifically formulated to meet the highest levels of

Aviation Industry

As experts in aviation, we can be your single resource for piston engine oils and hydraulic fluids that have some

Power Generation Industry

At Oil & Energy, we think one of the best defenses against varnish, rust, corrosion and other particle contamination is

Marine Industry

Here at Oil & Energy we can provide the right lubricants for all your marine applications, whether its for your

Food Industry

Oil & Energy has established its position as lubricant specialists in Australia for over a decade. We know the vital

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