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The FEMCO drain products have been designed to simplify the task of removing waste oil from engines and associated components, either by gravity drain or vacuum extraction. FEMCO fittings also accommodate the replenishment of new oil into equipment from which it has been drained.

FEMCO drain fittings virtually eliminate spill, skin contact with waste oil

The Fittings

Femco’s Drain Technology solution is the ultimate in efficiency and convenience. Simply remove the dustcap and connect the clicker, and your draining the oil without any mess.  Speed Click will drain by gravity or can be adapted to any suction system.

Standard oil drain plug

In 1983 Femco® introduced the Standard plug to make routine oil changes a quick, clean and more environmentally friendly job. The Standard plug is manufactured out of 100% brass, which makes it easy to change hot oil*. Additionally, the oil drain plug features a dust cover and a double O-ring, which protects the plug and ensures reliable performance.

Compact oil drain plug

The Compact Drain is the perfect choice for oil changes in tight spaces. The Compact plug only extends 12 mm from the sump/oil pan. This makes it especially suitable for vehicles with a low ground clearance, such as cars, buses and motorcycles. Therefore, you can install the Compact plug on any vehicle without worrying about the available space.

Click Drain plug

The Click Drain is the quickest solution for maintenance of your vehicles and machines. The Click Drain oil drain system consists of an oil drain plug and a clicker. Simply click the Clicker onto the oil drain plug to start draining the oil. To accelerate the drainage process even further, you can also use the Click Drain in combination with an Oil Vac System.

XL oil drain plug

Our XL oil drain plug has an optimised flow and is specially designed to drain large volumes of oil in a short amount of time. XL Click Drain is the ideal solution for heavy equipment such as trucks and mining equipment. This quick-coupling system combines the advantages of the XL and the Click Drain plugs.

The Benefits

Why use a Femco Drain Solution

Save money by eliminating common drain plug problems such as: stripped pan threads, frozen plugs, cracked pans, replacing washers, and losing plugs due to under-tightening.

• Save time draining oil. The patented single-bridge design of our Full Bore fitting enables the maximum flow rate for a speedy oil change without having to waste time on a messy clean-up.

• By eliminating spills, you can avoid costly fines and clean-up costs for site remediation and environmental damage.

• Eliminate burns and reduce injuries and lost time.

• The Femco system has a true dual function, working with both gravity and suction systems.

• You can install a Femco system quickly and easily. No special tools are required. Just replace the factory plug at your next oil change.

• We carry a full range of sizes and threat patterns including UNF, UNC, NPT, BSP, and Metric.

• Femco drain plugs provide a precision fit to any oil pan. No other manufacturers make plugs with the correct thread length to precisely fit certain engine oil pans (including: Cat 3126, 3116, Cummins Dodge 5.9L, Allison World Transmission, Deutz 10 cylinder engines, and others).

• We use the highest quality design and materials: solid brass body and gaskets, and full length machining of threads for maximum strength and security.

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Design Specs

Femco is dedicated exclusively to the design, manufacture, and supply of high quality oil drain systems. We are ISO 9001 certified by Lloyds of London. We are committed to serving the needs of our customers with quality products, technical assistance, and design innovations.

The body and working parts of Femco products (excluding springs and O-rings) are made entirely of high quality brass, rather than machine steel, to prevent impaired performance due to rusting. Femco plugs and dust caps are BOTH made of brass. Brass dust caps on steel plugs (a design provided by some manufacturers) can fall off because brass and steel have different coefficients of expansion. All Femco springs (in the drain plug and the clicker) are made of stainless steel. We also provide solid copper gaskets, NOT hollow core (fiber filled) copper. The hollow copper gaskets supplied with some other drain plugs do not provide secure, uniform adhesion between the plug and the oil pan. Hollow gaskets that contain asbestos as a fill fiber are already illegal in certain jurisdictions, and are certain to be banned under OSHA regulations in the near future.

Exclusive Design Features

Spring House

•Inner coring extends only to the thickest part of the hexagonal body for strongest construction

Oil Pan Threads

•Machined the full length for maximum strength and security

O-Ring Seal

•Protects threads from contamination

•Assures on/off action of dust cap and drainer

Single Bridge

•Improves the gravity drain speed by 200%

•Reduces strain on vacuum draining

•Eliminates tapered valve sticking open after draining

Precision Fit

•Femco plug are made in over 500 sizes and thread patterns

•Sizes range from 12mm, 1/4NPT, 1/2UNF to 2 inch diameters

•All thread patterns (UNF, UNC, NPT, BSP, Metric)

•Custom sizes available

Femco Plugs

•Supplied with solid copper gaskets

•Available with magnet

•Available with dust cap chain

•Lifetime guarantee on workmanship and material



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