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In 2016, Phillips 66 will  consolidate it’s brand portfolio to Phillips 66® and Kendall Motor Oil®. This move will allow us to maintain our high-quality products and technology while making a shift toward simplicity and reliability.

We have received a lot of feedback from our customers regarding Phillips 66 branding strategy and how their multi-brand approach has caused confusion among customers and diluted Phillips 66 Lubricants’ perception as a lubricants brand. This feedback has been consistent across most of the global markets to which Phillips 66 supplies products.

Phillips 66 listened…

Phillips 66 Lubricants will consolidate its brand portfolio into two brands, Phillips 66 and Kendall Motor Oil beginning July 1st 2016. As a result of the consolidation Phillips 66 said it will optimize its portfolio mix and develop a full line of lubricants products for every need under the Phillips 66 brand.

“We historically included three brands – Phillips 66, Conoco and 76 – on a tri-branded packaging label for certain categories of products in the marketplace, such as industrial lubricants, greases, automatic transmission fluids and some heavy duty engine oils,” adds Jamie Allison, director, lubricants brand management. “Transitioning away from a tri-branded strategy provides a clearer brand promise and stronger product positioning, and the benefit will be greater overall brand recognition.

How will this decision affect you, our valued customers?

Beginning July 1, Phillips 66 Lubricants will no longer produce lubricants products under its 76 and Conoco brands. Most of the product names that you are familiar with under the Conoco or tri-brand labels will remain such as our iconic Guardol ECT and Power D Heavy duty engine oils, a copy of the naming guide is available for download below.  There will be no formulation changes. The consolidation is designed to simplify the brand portfolio and increase overall awareness for Phillips 66 and Kendall Motor Oil brands. The move represents a shift toward simplicity and reliability and our goal is to make inventory and the handling of our product much easier. As part of a rolling change, any available inventory will be shipped until it is depleted. As an existing product runs out we’ll replace them with the new branded options.

Many of the product codes will change as part of this process to simplify inventory transition, you can continue to order under the old product codes and we will automatically replace the product in your orders as the old inventory becomes depleted. If you require a comprehensive list of part number cross overs for the new codes, please discuss with your Account Manager and they will be happy to provide you with information specific to your individual purchasing history.

Please take the time to view a short video from Phillips 66 on the brand consolidation and stay tuned for exciting new product announcements throughout the balance of 2016!

The Power of 2 Video

Phillips 66 Brand Refresh Name Guide

Kendall Brand Refresh Name Guide

The Power of Two

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