As the weather warms up, your vehicles need proper protection and maintenance to continue running at their best. At Oil & Energy, we supply a wide range of premium Red Line Synthetic Oils to help ensure your car performs optimally during the summer months.

The three categories of essential, high-performance products listed below will allow for a worry-free summer on the road and save you from unexpected servicing costs.

Vehicle Coolant

It is essential to check your vehicle’s coolant level to ensure your car doesn’t overheat. Red Line’s new SuperCool antifreeze/coolant is designed to lower coolant temperatures by as much as 6 degrees Celsius (20 degrees Fahrenheit) while simultaneously protecting against harmful rust and corrosion.

If a complete coolant flush is unnecessary, SuperCool formulas can be added to any brand of existing OEM antifreeze/coolant in any make or model, making it extremely easy to top off your coolant at home.

Alternatively, if you do not require freeze protection, Red Line’s classic additive WaterWetter can take care of your car’s cooling systems.

Motor Oil

Hot weather can end up thinning your car’s engine oil if the incorrect oil viscosity or product is used, which will ultimately affect performance and potentially cause damage to the engine. Experts recommend using slightly thicker oil grades to handle the high temperatures seen during summer.

Red Line’s High-Performance line comes in 16 different viscosities, including diesel-specific versions, allowing you to use the correct oil for the conditions. Red Line’s oil products offer excellent wear protection and friction reduction across various operating conditions.

Brake Fluid

Overheated brakes can easily malfunction or fail altogether. The heat impacts not only your brake pads and rotors but also your brake fluid.

Red Line’s RL-600 Brake Fluid is engineered to maintain viscosity, lubricity, and compressibility at extreme temperatures, both high and low. Fresh brake fluid helps your vehicle’s braking systems perform to the best of their ability so they can handle emergencies, casual drives, or summer traffic.

If you’re looking to maximise your vehicle performance contact Oil & Energy on 1800 015 580 for our expert advice.

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