Oil & Energy puts Kyle Putland on the fast track to success

Key Stats

  • Thousands of laps – Flawless performance, lap after lap after lap
  • Faster personal best times – Improved race times at each and every meet
  • Zero transmission troubles – Gearbox problems reduced to nil
  • 100% client satisfaction – Guaranteed happy customers 

Kyle Putland, owner of Hydraulic Technical Solutions and head of Kyle Putland Racing, knows that you get out what you put in – in business and in racing. After 14 years as the brains behind a growing mechanical business and 10 years behind the wheel of a race car, he knows a thing or two about what it takes to be at the top of the game. For nearly four years, Kyle has been coming to Oil & Energy for trusted advice and the supply of quality oils that would get the best results for his business and race cars.

Heavy-duty performance in heavy-duty equipment

Hydraulic Technical Solutions’ mission to provide outstanding attention to detail and expertise in all things hydraulics meant that to deliver on his promise Kyle would need to service his customer’s machinery with premium-quality hydraulic oil from a reputable manufacturer. PETRONAS hydraulic oils hit the mark for their exceptional performance in heavy-duty equipment and ability to extend the life of the machine. Kyle has no intention of switching to another brand, saying “We can trust that it will do the job time and time again. We’ve not had any complaints from our customers, so we know the oil is doing the job!”. 

Accelerated engine performance for life in the fast lane

At the same time, Kyle was looking for an oil that would give his new Top Fuel dragsters a competitive edge on the race track. Chad Ashworth, our General Manager, worked with Kyle to determine which of our oils would optimise engine performance, protect from wear and tear and offer the greatest potential to improve race times. Kyle had used Red Line Shockproof oil earlier in his racing career, but once Chad had introduced him to Red Line 70WT – an oil specifically designed for use in nitro racing engines – there was no turning back. He quickly noticed that even under the most extreme conditions, his engine components weren’t seeing the same degradation as other racers. Red Line 70WT offered Kyle reliability and an edge over his competitors.  

Kyle’s enthusiasm for our product range didn’t stop there. He now uses Red Line Lightweight Racing ATF in his automatic transmissions for its superior consistency and wear protection, and says his previous gearbox problems have completely disappeared. He also uses Kendall 20W50 in his 3-seater dragsters and has never encountered a problem when using this oil. 

Kyle is proud as punch that each meeting his racing team is bettering their personal best race times and gaining traction in competitiveness. Chad expressed that it was “incredibly exciting to see one of our customers land himself a spot on the leaderboard at the Australian Top Fuel Championship. There’s no better feeling than matching our customers to the right product for their needs and watching them achieve their goals”.

Kyle attributes his success in both racing and business to Oil & Energy. He says, “All in all, we can trust the reliable service, advice and problem solving mentality from the O&E team. They’re exceptional in their delivery and service which is why we keep coming back for more!”. 

We look forward to continuing our relationship with Kyle Putland Racing and Hydraulic Technical Solutions for many years – and races – to come. 

At Oil & Energy, there’s no cutting corners. Whether you’re a business owner or a motor enthusiast, you can count on us for assured reliability and consistently better performance of your machines.

Kyle Putland Racing team

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