High-quality performance starts with your parts and it is important to know that your high-performance vehicle will likely have very different requirements to a run-of-the-mill standard model.  At Oil & Energy, we recommend investing in the highest quality lubricants to keep your car running at its optimal performance level. What you save on cheap oil now could cost you in a big way further down the track in repairs. Read on to find out more about how synthetic oils can extend life and improve the performance of your car. 

High-Quality Ingredients

The best synthetic lubricants are made using a Group 4/5 (PAO Ester) synthetic base stock. This stock has a higher viscosity index and is more stable at the extreme temperatures found in racing environments. This is why we stock Red Line synthetic oils at Oil & Energy. 

Rather than purchase a premade package that many brands have access to, Red Line created a custom additive package that is made specifically for the intended use of their oils. This allows Red Line to increase the levels of performance-enhancing additives such as ZZDP (Zinc/Phosphorus). 

Protecting from Wear and Tear

Investing in a high-performance lubricant will protect the life of your engine, transmission and driveline. Protecting your parts from the heat and friction generated by high-speed driving is integral to extending the use of your car. Your parts are worth thousands, so the products you use to look after them should be of the highest quality. 

Synthetic products offer longer drain intervals, reduced oil consumption and  lower maintenance costs. The higher resistance to thermal breakdown and oxidation of synthetic oil will help keep your vehicles in the best driving condition at all times. 

Increased Performance

Running heavy oil through your car will reduce the power output and increase temperatures. Using a lightweight performance oil can help avoid this unwanted effect. The transmission will shift smoother and perform better due to the better temperature stability of high-performance oils. Your horsepower and torque could improve by 3 to 5 percent depending on your combination of products. 

Industry Experience

Performance oils are being made by car people for car people. The experts behind these products are industry specialists who are interested in keeping up-to-date with the newest developments in high-performance vehicles. In choosing a high-performance lubricant, you know that you are getting the best of industry research, driven by passionate people.

For example, Red Line’s synthetic oils are designed to provide the best performance and protection, no matter what you drive. Rather than only focusing on meeting the OEM or API-approved oil specifications, Red Line products are not limited to a specification. Their products can be used in high-performance environments without rapidly breaking down as other oils would. 

If you’re looking for the right lubricant to get the best performance from your vehicle, the expert team at Oil & Energy are here to help. Contact us on 1800 015 580 for our advice.

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