The future of turbine oils has arrived, and your business will be better for it.

Turbine oil degradation has become an issue that businesses simply cannot afford to ignore, with close to 20% of all unplanned shutdowns resulting directly from a buildup of turbine oil varnish. Turbine oil degradation is a serious expense for businesses, with a single valve replacement costing upward of $3,000.

These complications significantly disrupt business operations, resulting in hours of inconvenience and draining companies of thousands of dollars. Now, businesses are beginning to discover that these complications can be minimised through a solution as simple as acquiring the best formulation of turbine oil.

The implementation of an effective monitoring and maintenance program is key for businesses to extend oil life and achieve maximum turbine efficiency. Turbine oil is a vital component of these programs, as it reduces wear, corrosion and friction, while preventing rust and exposure to debris. The use of inferior turbine oil can leave systems vulnerable to these complications, meaning a business’s selection of turbine oil can save, or cost them thousands of dollars, depending on their final decision.

Oil and Energy specialise in only the highest-quality turbine oils for uninterrupted operations, which is why we offer Phillips 66 Next-Generation turbine oils. The innovative oil formulation provides superior protection, minimises operational complications and provides massive savings to businesses.

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