Back in the Driver’s Seat

It’s lights out and away we go!

We sure have missed hearing that line, but the 2022 Formula One season will be underway in just a few short weeks, kicking off in Bahrain on 20 March. Will Lewis Hamilton finally secure that 8th World Drivers’ Championship? Will George Russell adjust quickly in his new role at Mercedes?

We’ve already seen the new Mercedes race car at their launch and testing this week but what other features and changes do we have to look forward to this season?

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What’s new?

2022 has been described as a ‘gamechanger’ year for new regulations in F1 racing, with major changes being applied to the front wing, rear wing, floor, wheel and chassis. However, the biggest change that has race enthusiasts talking is the switch to running the vehicles on E10 fuel (10% ethanol). Between 2014 – 2021, teams were using fuel that contained around 5.75% biocomponent, so increasing to 10% ethanol is a challenge that engineers and fuel manufacturers (in Mercedes’ case- Petronas) will need to navigate carefully. The main reason being that the new fuel structure will interact differently with the car’s power unit and performance.


Petronas’ role

Supplying both fuel and lubricants to the Mercedes Formula One team since 2014, Petronas knows the importance of creating quality fuel to suit the demands of an F1 race car. With such major changes to the fuel regulations in the 2022 season, Petronas has been working closely with Mercedes to ensure that optimum performance can be extracted from the power unit and the necessary tweaks can be made to get the best results.


Heading back Down Under

After a two-year hiatus from racing at Melbourne’s Albert Park due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Formula One teams will be heading down under in early April for the 3rd race of the 23-race circuit. Australian fans have welcomed the return, with all grand stand tickets selling out within hours of release.

As proud suppliers of Petronas lubricants, Oil & Energy are eager and excited to see what the Mercedes-AMG Petronas team are able to achieve with these newly imposed regulations.


Petronas for your vehicle

Petronas don’t just supply fuel and lubricants for a top-tier racing team, they also have a huge range of quality products for use on your private vehicles. 

From passenger cars, motorcycles, trucks and heavy-duty machinery to industrial lubricants designed specifically for the cement, power generation, pulp & paper, railroad, steel, sugar and mining industries, Oil & Energy have the experience and expertise to help you choose the right product to optimise the performance your vehicle.

If it can be trusted by an elite Formula One team, you can be sure it’s a quality brand.


If you’re looking for a lubricant solution for your vehicle or workshop, contact Oil & Energy on 1800 015 580 for our expert advice.

Mercedes AMG W13

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