As the world increasingly embraces sustainable and renewable practices, the demand for sustainable solutions in heavy industries such as construction, mining, and marine has never been greater. Advancements in power sources are becoming more commonplace, such as battery-powered freight, but lubrication space has been lagging. However, Shell Panolin, Shell’s new range of high-performance biodegradable lubricants, offers one step forward in advancements toward greater sustainability and a reduction of the industry’s environmental footprint.


The need for sustainable lubricants in heavy industries

Heavy industries face numerous environmental challenges, including soil and water contamination, and they must balance the industry requirements while minimising the harm caused to local ecosystems.

Lubricants play a significant role in these industries as a critical component in their function. They facilitate smooth operation and minimise wear and tear. However, conventional lubricants have adverse effects on the environment. Spills and leaks find their way into the water table by leaching into the soil and eventually end up in the waterways, threatening animals and humans alike.

In response, biodegradable lubricants like Shell Panolin come into play. These lubricants are designed to degrade naturally and harmlessly in the environment, minimising damage and making them a safer and more sustainable alternative to conventional lubricants.


Key Features of Shell Panolin

Shell Panolin is a range of high-quality biodegradable lubricants that deliver excellent performance while minimising environmental impact. These lubricants boast several noteworthy features:

Biodegradability: Shell Panolin lubricants are readily biodegradable, which means they break down naturally in the environment without causing harm.

High performance: Despite being biodegradable, Shell Panolin lubricants provide exceptional protection for heavy equipment, even under extreme conditions.

Certifications: Shell Panolin meets various international standards, such as ISO 15380 and the EU Ecolabel, ensuring its quality and environmental credentials.


Benefits of Shell Panolin for heavy industries

Shell Panolin offers several advantages for heavy industries as they look to balance the requirements of higher performance and sustainability:

Equipment protection: Shell Panolin provides superior wear protection, corrosion resistance, and thermal stability, ensuring optimal performance and reduced maintenance costs.

Environmental protection: By minimising the environmental risks associated with leaks and spills, Shell Panolin helps businesses protect soil and water resources and maintain the integrity of sensitive ecosystems.

Long-term value: Besides its environmental benefits, Shell Panolin can also help businesses save costs in the long run by reducing equipment downtime, extending equipment life, and minimising waste disposal costs.


Shell Panolin represents an important step forward for heavy industries seeking to reduce their environmental footprint without compromising on performance. By adopting biodegradable lubricants like Shell Panolin, businesses in these sectors can contribute to a more sustainable future and demonstrate their commitment to responsible practices. As the world prioritises environmental protection, innovations like Shell Panolin will play an increasingly vital role in shaping the future of heavy industries.

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