A properly functioning cooling system is essential for maintaining your vehicle’s performance and longevity. Overheating can cause significant damage and lead to costly repairs, making it crucial to ensure efficient cooling. Let’s discuss how WaterWetter, a cooling system additive by Red Line Synthetic Oil, can greatly improve engine cooling efficiency.

What is WaterWetter?

Water Wetter is a specialised cooling system additive designed to reduce the surface tension of water, thereby enhancing heat transfer within the engine’s cooling system. This product offers numerous benefits that contribute to improved engine cooling efficiency and overall vehicle performance.


How WaterWetter Improves Engine Cooling Efficiency

Reducing Surface Tension

WaterWetter decreases water’s surface tension, resulting in the formation of smaller vapour bubbles. This leads to a more effective cooling process, as smaller bubbles facilitate better heat transfer.

Improved Heat Transfer

Vapour bubbles on metal surfaces can create an insulating layer that impedes heat transfer. By minimising these bubbles’ size, WaterWetter enables better heat transfer from the engine to the coolant, preventing overheating and maintaining optimal engine temperature.

Rust and Corrosion Protection

Apart from its heat transfer properties, WaterWetter provides essential rust and corrosion protection in water-only cooling systems. This helps maintain the integrity of cooling system components and extends their lifespan.

Increased Efficiency

One of the key benefits of using WaterWetter is the increased efficiency it provides for your vehicle’s cooling system. By enhancing heat transfer and reducing surface tension, WaterWetter enables your engine to operate at optimal temperatures more consistently. This increased efficiency can translate to better fuel economy, improved performance, and reduced wear and tear on your vehicle’s engine components.


Additional Benefits of WaterWetter

Increased Torque

WaterWetter reduces cylinder head and charge temperature, which may allow for more spark advance. This results in increased torque, ultimately improving vehicle performance.

Enhanced Cooling for High-Performance Applications

WaterWetter is particularly advantageous for high-performance vehicles, as it can help maintain optimal engine temperatures even under demanding driving conditions.

How to Use WaterWetter

To use WaterWetter, follow these simple steps:

  • Turn off your vehicle’s engine and let it cool down.
  • Refer to the product instructions for the appropriate dosage based on your cooling system’s size and type.
  • Add the recommended amount of WaterWetter to your vehicle’s cooling system.
  • Start the engine and let it idle for a few minutes to allow the additive to circulate throughout the cooling system.
  • Water Wetter is compatible with most coolant types and can be used in both street and race applications.


WaterWetter is an effective solution for improving engine cooling efficiency and safeguarding your vehicle’s cooling system. Reducing surface tension and promoting better heat transfer help prevent overheating and ensure optimal engine performance. Invest in WaterWetter today to keep your vehicle’s engine cool and protected.

Protect your engine from overheating risks. Experience the benefits of enhanced engine cooling efficiency with WaterWetter. Visit our online store or your nearest Oil and Energy retail partner to purchase WaterWetter and keep your vehicle running smoothly. Don’t hesitate to contact us for answers to any questions.

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